Why Timber Decking?

Timber decking is relatively a modern life style in South Africa – and has become a widespread alternative to traditional hard terraces and patios. One of the strongest themes in contemporary landscaping is that of the ‘new garden’; whereby the exterior is to be treated as an ‘outside room’. In this context, timber decking is an excellent way of extending the living space of a building – outdoors.
Timber decking is highly flexible – and provides extra social space that’s ideal for children playing, dining, entertaining, or just simply relaxing. Whatever the reasons for creating a deck, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home.
Timber decking harnesses the potential of sloping, undulating or uneven garden terrain. And additionally, elevated or split-level decks can be created on level ground to create new dimensions to your garden, giving it a unique look.
The benefits of timber decking for landscaping structures compared to other traditional hard terraces, or patios are that it:
Timber Max timber decking will bring ambience to your garden. It combines the natural beauty of wood with functional and enjoyable design, extending the usage of your outdoor space throughout the four seasons.


Good to the environment

Compared to many other materials found in the garden, wood is an environmentally beneficial choice. The energy consumed – and the pollution created – by the harvesting and conversion of timber is far less than other man-made products made from non-renewable raw materials. Efficient use is also made of the by-products of timber processing such as sawdust and chippings.