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At Timbermax we believe in creating modern day timber experiences.

No job is too large, Timbermax can handle any size project.

Timbermax was established in 1997 and has long since been one of the major wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors of timber decking, flooring and associated products in Southern Africa.

As a wholesaler of Rhino Wood products as well as timber for use in construction, decking and flooring, you can be assured that the wood supplied is of superior quality.

Timbermax specialise in the wholesale supply of timber products and are expert in understanding which material and woods you need supplied. Take advantage of our extensive skills in carpentry as we can install any wooden product we supply.

We supply timber products direct to the public as well as business with our two branches serving as timber wholesalers to Johannesburg and the greater Johannesburg region as well as being near logistical hubs to service all of Southern Africa.

Wood Supplies For Decking and Pergolas

We can supply materials for all your projects.

Providing materials for your flooring, decking, cladding, pergolas, staircases and gumpoles for your lapas, support structures and thatching. With decades of experience behind us you can be assure that you will always get the best material and services.

Timber Max Specialises In Timber Decking, Flooring, Cladding, Pergolas, Staircases, Gumpoles & More.

Making Your Vision A Reality

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South African

Rhinowood Products

Why do we use Rhino Wood?

Rhino Wood is the environmental, social and economical solution to the long-term future of wood and its application in our world. Diminishing rain forests means hard, exotic woods have become costly and limited in supply. Yet our demand for wood is only increasing.

Continued development of sustainable forests is a solution that allows us to renew this precious resource. However, the soft woods that these forests yield, lack the physical properties that provide the strength and durability of hard woods. To continue growing, building and manufacturing far into our future, we need the next generation of wood that is not only durable, but also sustainable. Rhino Wood is a sustainable wood that, through a specialised treatment process, has the dimensional stability and physical properties of a hard wood, making it a far superior product to its original form. Rhino Wood is strong, durable and maintains its appearance even in the harshest of outdoor environments, without maintenance or any harmful chemicals added.

Our wood is tested and certified, and our controlled treatment process ensures durability and a stable wood composition that has applications ranging from simple decking to vast commercial structures. Zero-toxicity makes Rhino Wood unique to other treated timber products that use oils and dangerous chemicals alien to the wood. Being sourced from sustainable forests, our wood leaves plastics, steel and concrete commonly used as building materials in yesterday's era.

Rhino Wood is real wood for people uncompromising on quality, but who care about the impact they have on the environment. By using Rhino Wood you're building tomorrow's cities, growing sustainable plantations and protecting our rain forests for future generations.

TimberMax Specialises In Timber Decking, Flooring, Cladding, Pergolas, Staircases, Gumpoles & More.

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