Timber Uses

Timber is the most important element used for making furniture. It is also extensively used in the production of beams and planks. Lumber or timber, a wood which is capable of yielding the minimum size of a dimension, is generally produced from growing woods. It’s mainly used for building a structure or for other reasons.

Various Uses of Timber


The primary usage of timber is for fuel. Around 40 percent of timber used in forests around the world is utilized as fuel. However, the proportion of timber used as a fuel around the world differs with the usage of other alternatives available such as coal. The African and South American countries consume a more substantial portion of timber as fuel, the use of which is made for both commercial and domestic purposes.


Apart from fuel, the most vital usage of timber is in the building industry. Despite having enough use of steel and concrete in the construction industry, there is considerable use of timber for building bridges and parts of houses.

Sawn Wood

Here, timber is mainly used for heavy duty construction like railway sleepers, construction piers, jetties and other hardwoods like resistant jarrahs, and karri woods of Australia.

Plywood and Veneers

Timber when used in the form of planks, woods that is usually cut into thin sheets and glued together to form a strong and durable material, is called plywood. These are commonly used more for internal construction like doors and furniture. Sheets of valuable wood like mahogany, ebony, oak, and walnut are also useful for furniture making.


The use of timber in fiber and particle boards is also common. They are made from sawdust, pulp, and other waste materials. Boards like chipboard, block-board, and hardboard usually utilized in making furniture and all internal constructions like ceiling, lining, etc.

Pulp & Paper

Timber has an ever-increasing demand in the paper and pulp industry. Generally, timber contains two substances – cellulose and lignin which is used as the object of pulping and extracting cellulose from paper. Note that timber is not the only substance which produces paper, but a variety of vegetable fiber can also make paper.

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