Timber Decking

This innovative breakthrough in creating a durable and attractive hardwood by modifying a local softwood has resulted in tremendous response and success during the last number of years with numerous commercial and private projects having used Rhinowood as a decking or cladding material. Being 100% local and sustainable this timber meets the most stringent environmental criteria on most projects.

To date we have supplied well over 140 000 m2 of Rhinowood decking and cladding to various projects.

Rhinowood is available in 100mm & 140mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from 1500mm – 3600mm.

Unlike most decking timbers, Rhinowood is also available in various bigger beam and structural sizes for pergolas, roofs etc


This red brown South American timber is one of the most durable and popular decking timbers. It requires little maintenance and has proven to last well in our climate. It is available in 90mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from1800mm – 4800mm.


This yellow-brown South American timber is popular both inland as well as at the coast due to its durability and versatility to be left untreated natural weathering. It is available in 90mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from 1800mm – 4800mm.


Saligna is a moderately durable timber but has been used as decking for many decades. The timber is relatively inexpensive but will require fairly regular maintenance. Saligna is available in various widths with lengths ranging from 1200mm – 4800mm.


Teak has been one of the most well-known decking and flooring timbers for many years due to its stability and attractive grain.

Due to the nature of the tree the timber is generally only available in relatively short lengths ranging from 1200mm – 2400mm.

Teak is generally available in a 120mm width decking board.


We supply the solid board composite decking products.

Although composite decking has become popular during the last number of years due to its low maintenance requirements, it is important to consider the various options available as there are considerable differences in quality between various composite products. Different manufacturing processes as well as raw materials used can hugely impact the stability and longevity between composite brands.

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