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Timber Decking

This innovative breakthrough in creating a durable and attractive hardwood by modifying a local softwood has resulted in tremendous response and success during the last number of years with numerous commercial and private projects having used Rhinowood as a decking or cladding material. Being 100% local and sustainable this timber meets the most stringent environmental criteria on most projects.

To date we have supplied well over 140 000 m2 of Rhinowood decking and cladding to various projects.

Rhinowood is available in 100mm & 140mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from 1500mm – 3600mm.

Unlike most decking timbers, Rhinowood is also available in various bigger beam and structural sizes for pergolas, roofs etc


This red brown South American timber is one of the most durable and popular decking timbers. It requires little maintenance and has proven to last well in our climate. It is available in 90mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from1800mm – 4800mm.


This yellow-brown South American timber is popular both inland as well as at the coast due to its durability and versatility to be left untreated natural weathering. It is available in 90mm width decking boards with lengths ranging from 1800mm – 4800mm.


Saligna is a moderately durable timber but has been used as decking for many decades. The timber is relatively inexpensive but will require fairly regular maintenance. Saligna is available in various widths with lengths ranging from 1200mm – 4800mm.


Teak has been one of the most well-known decking and flooring timbers for many years due to its stability and attractive grain.

Due to the nature of the tree the timber is generally only available in relatively short lengths ranging from 1200mm – 2400mm.

Teak is generally available in a 120mm width decking board.


We supply the solid board composite decking products.

Although composite decking has become popular during the last number of years due to its low maintenance requirements, it is important to consider the various options available as there are considerable differences in quality between various composite products. Different manufacturing processes as well as raw materials used can hugely impact the stability and longevity between composite brands.


Although solid timber flooring is generally more expensive than laminate flooring it creates a certain warm and luxurious feeling to areas where it has been utilised. Unlike decking where durability is the major factor for considering a suitable timber, the choice for interior flooring is largely based on the colour and aesthetic features of the wood.

Herewith a number of our more popular flooring timbers.


This light coloured local softwood is inexpensive and mostly used for mezzanine areas.


Saligna is an attractive reddish Pink colour with moderate hardness and durability.


Meranti is a moderately durable hardwood with a reddish brown colour. Imported from Malaysia and widely used in the building industry it is well known and versatile. 


Being both hardwearing and stable Teak has been a very popular flooring timber for many decades. Often used in public areas with heavy traffic. 


Hevea is an evenly light coloured timber with little variance in density and grain. Being stable and reasonably priced it is often used for gym/dance floor applications.


American Red or White Oak is a popular flooring timber due to its beautiful grain and long lengths. Is has been used as flooring timber for many decades.


Thermally modified timber flooring is growing rapidly in popularity as the thermo treatment process enhances the stability of the timber resulting in less expansion and contraction of floorboards between seasons. The thermo process results in the timber adopting a beautiful deep brown colour similar to Walnut. 


In recent years wooden pergolas have become very popular as a stand-alone feature or incorporated as part of a decking project. Each pergola is designed according to desired size and function. We offer a range of solid and laminated beams suitable for various pergola designs and applications.


Timber cladding can either be decorative or functional as a screen wall or barrier. We manufacture timber slats in many different widths and thickness.


Balustrading is a practical way of complementing your deck area. We also offer many different balustrade components in a number of timbers.

Gumpoles, Decking Substructure and Fencing Material

We stock a full range of treated gumpoles, square poles & substructure material at our Fourways branch.
All our substructure material is CCA treated to H4 level and free of any finger joints.
Substructure material bearers and joists are available in various sizes and lengths.

We also stock rough sawn Saligna fencing slats in 4800mm lengths.
Should you require specific or non-stock sizes we can source directly from the sawmill.

Wooden Cladding

TimberMax wooden cladding is the trendy new way to decorate your walls or create a functional barrier. The warm look of our treated RhinoWood creates atmosphere and provides a sense of luxury. Here at TimberMax, we have been one of the major manufacturers and distributors of timber products in South Africa since 1997. We pride ourselves on our complete design service where all your wall panelling ideas can be discussed, ensuring that your every requirement is catered for. Timber cladding is one of our specialities, perfect for coving the walls inside and out.

Get Solid Composite Decking

Solid composite timber-look materials are an economical choice long term, for decking requires very little maintenance.

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