Wood Patio Furniture

Our range of solid Rhinowood furniture is sure to compliment any outdoor or entertainment area. Due to Rhinowood’s unique wax impregnated treatment it makes all furniture pieces ideally suited for exterior use without maintenance. If left untreated outside the wood will weather naturally to a light Grey colour. The beauty of Rhinowood is that the wood generally remains a lighter Grey colour compared to other hardwoods.

If the furniture is being used outside and you would like to retain the original deep brown colour regular oil treatment would be required.

All Rhinowood furniture is locally manufactured by hand using stainless steel and brass fittings to ensure longevity in Southern African weather conditions.
Due to the density of Rhinowood the furniture pieces are quite heavy and we recommend to use furniture felt pads underneath any chair or table legs to avoid possible scratches on screed or timber floor surfaces when moving furniture.

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Our Wooden Patio Furniture Below: