This light coloured local softwood is inexpensive and mostly used for mezzanine areas. Available in various widths with lengths ranging from 1800mm – 6000mm. After installation this timber would often be stained to the desired colour.


Saligna is an attractive reddish Pink colour with moderate hardness and durability. It is reasonably inexpensive and have been used as flooring material for many years especially in school halls. Available in various widths with lengths ranging from 600mm – 2700mm. This timber should be avoided in areas where higher than normal humidity or moisture exposure is a concern.


Being both hardwearing and stable Teak has been a very popular flooring timber for many decades. Often used in public areas with heavy traffic. It is red-brown with a beautifully distinct grain. Available in various widths with lengths ranging from 500mm – 1500mm.


Enjoy the aesthetics of wood, and the durability, scuff resistance and eco-conscious engineering of a product that far outperforms other indoor flooring.

The rigid centre of the flooring is a mixture of powdered minerals and vinyl. The unique formula creates outstanding flexibility and durability even in the most wet and high traffic indoor environments.

This product also has the highest fire resistance rating in its class, making it a more reliable product for your home. Comprehensive fire reaction data is available for your fire engineer upon request.