Timber Decking

Timber decking is relatively a modern life style in South Africa – and has become a widespread alternative to traditional hard terraces and patios. One of the strongest themes in contemporary landscaping is that of the 'new garden'; whereby the exterior is to be treated as an 'outside room'. Timber decking is a type of construction material used to build outdoor decks and patios. This material can be manufactured using a wide variety of hard and soft wood species, depending on the desired appearance and properties of the finished structure. 

Maintaining Timber & Decking

How to clean decking

Before you do any DIY on your decking, you need to clean it first.

You can either do this using a chemical formula that quickly gets to work and doesn’t require too much work from you. But these cleaning solutions can be damaging to your plants so be sure to cover them up with some sort of plastic protection.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use chemicals, a pressure washer, stiff wire brush and some elbow grease may be enough for accumulated dirt. However, we don’t recommend this method if you have mould as it can make the problem worse. You absolutely must treat and clean mould first.

Using a cleaning solution

1. Sweep the deck

Remove all the furniture and use a stiff wire brush to sweep away loose debris, leaves and dirt.

2. Protect the surrounding area

Cover your plants and grass to protect them from the cleaning solution.

3. Apply the decking cleaner

If you’ve got mould growing on your deck, some multi-purpose decking cleaners remove mould at the same time as cleaning your deck. It’s a quick way to take care of several problems and have your deck looking as good as new in no time.


The Natural Look of Wood- A lot of people prefer using wood when building their decks because it has a very naturally attractive look. Unlike fake paints and artwork, wood doesn’t need to be decorated or enhanced because it is already beautiful, vibrant and attractive. Because of its natural beauty, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on accentuating your garden’s beauty as the wood will do the job for you.

 The Material’s Strength and Durability- Another reason for you to opt for wood decking is because of its strength and durability. It is especially recommended that you opt for teak wood as this material will provide you with the most durability. Using teak or similar strong wood will ensure that your decking doesn’t give way and buckle even if a lot of weight has been put over it. This will of course be beneficial for you when you are placing furniture or other decorations on the deck.

 Ease of Maintenance- Whether you opt for general wood or timber decking, you can be sure that it won’t require a lot of cleaning effort. This is so because wood requires very little maintenance throughout its life time. All you have to do is polish the frame once or twice a year just to keep the wood looking fresh and vibrant. Also, it is recommended that you protect the deck from direct sunlight by building a shade on it. This will also protect the wood from moisture due to rain.

A Large Variety of Wood Panels- Wooden decks can be made from different types of wood, such as Pine, Teak and even Kwila. You can also choose from a wide array of finishes, therefore giving your wood a unique appearance. As the options and variety available for you are endless, you will without doubt be able to find something that compliments your garden furniture and the overall setting that you have opted for.

Decks’ Affordability- In addition to the aforementioned advantages, you should also consider opting for hardwood decking because it is affordable and will be well within your budget. However, keep in mind that the price will mostly depend on the sort of wood you are going for as different materials have different costs. Still, this is a good price considering the fact that you’ll be giving your home a makeover.

Timber Decking Options

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